About the Northern District Court Historical Society

Since 1977, the Northern District Court Historical Society has been protecting and enlivening the rich judicial history of the court. From the Chinese Exclusion Laws to Patty Hearst to cutting-edge technology disputes, the Northern District has been in the thick of some of the thorniest problems and most interesting events in California history.

The goal of the Society is to preserve, share, and enliven the court’s history with lawyers, educators, scholars, and students.

The Historical Society has written, published, and/or collaborated on a number of excellent books covering important topics in the history of Northern California and its federal district court. We are pleased to offer Historical Society books for sale through our online bookstore.

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Recovery and Restitution of Art Stolen by the Nazis

February 7, 2024

A conversation with leading experts about the art stolen during WWII and the legal efforts to recover them.

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The Port Chicago 50: Racism and Review

February 27, 2023

Join us for Black History Month as we explore Extraordinary Stories You Might Have Missed! During WWII, Black sailors stationed at Port Chicago, CA, were required to load munitions on ships with inadequate training and under supervision that stressed s… Continue Reading The Port Chicago 50: Racism and Review